Hotel Trends Transforming Guest Experience in 2018

Hotel Trends Transforming Guest Experience in 2018

In today’s hyper-connected world, hotel guests are not always easy to please. Their expectations are high, and they want to share every experience on social media – especially the unpleasant and disappointing ones – to anyone who will listen. Guests are now looking for hotels that are extraordinary spaces but also offer the comforts of home, so designers have to balance these extremes to cater for all hotel guests.

These are the hotel trends set to transform guest experiences in 2018 at hotels across the world, including well established and popular luxury hotels Hertfordshire.


A personalised experience

Hotels are becoming travel destinations themselves, resulting in big spaces and areas being designed with various strategies in mind to provide exceptional experiences. Hotels are taking advantage of any opportunity to engage guests by providing personalised experiences in every space, product and service. More and more hotels are setting up “selfie areas” throughout their grounds; a hotel can engage guests this way and be able to promote itself for free across social platforms when guests upload their photos.

Going greener

More hotels are putting an emphasis on being more “greener” by encouraging guests to reuse towels and using time-sensitive lights. 2018 is going to be the year where we will see more eco-friendly practices supporting local culture and history, and using solar panels, recycled wood, locally handcrafted items and reused furniture.

Home sweet hotel

Hotels are looking to promote extended-stay options, the concept of adding kitchenettes and other amenities to accommodate long-term guests. Hotels are also aiming to make each room a little different for a more natural and relaxed feel. This can be implemented by adding homemade goods, mix-and-match furniture and personalised experiences that they will enjoy and want to relive.

Meeting spaces

Technology has changed the way business meetings used to be, and spaces are adapting accordingly.  Hotel function spaces need to have the right audio, video and infrastructure for a variety of requirements, from meetings to seminars, panel discussions to big family parties.