How To Make Your Kitchen Look Better Than New

antique brown granite hutton kitchens

antique brown granite hutton kitchensIdeas for upgrading a kitchen without starting from scratch. Options ranging from simple decorative changes, new shelving and replacing counter tops with natural stone.

Replacing counter tops with natural stone options and other ideas

The kitchen is a key space in many homes; along with cooking many people use it as their dining and meeting area. With the increased popularity of open plan kitchen and dining areas the aesthetics of the space matter more than ever, and there are various ways of upgrading the kitchen without having to start over.

Investing in the kitchen is often seen as a sound move; it’s one of the best ways to add value and ‘viewer appeal’ to a property and – along with the bathroom – is usually the first space to be upgraded either fully or in part when people move house. Of course completely replacing the kitchen is a large expense, and may not even be necessary as just changing certain elements can often make a world of difference.

New counters

Over time the counters can become tired looking and may need updating. Replacement counters are available at various price points, but natural stone is a sound investment.

Available in various colours and finishes to suit the space and the homeowner’s tastes, natural stone such as granite or quartz will last many years and requires very little maintenance.

There are various differences between the two that might sway your decision, but either are good choices.

  • Granite – natural colours and shading gives a kitchen a sophisticated and high quality look
  • Quartz – a mixture of a natural substance and man-made resin; quartz counters benefit from being a totally smooth surface

There’s a wide range of choice in natural stone kitchen counters, so it’s a good idea to find a stone worktop supplier with a showroom where you can physically see the various counter options available. A good supplier will also provide a professional supply and fitting service including a survey and accurate quotation.


A new floor can make a big difference to the looks and comfort of a kitchen. Perhaps you could replace those old fashioned, cold tiles with a more modern looking laminate?

Wood floors look good but many owners plump for engineered wood as this is far less susceptible to the typical variations in temperature a kitchen can experience. If the existing wooden floor is basically sound but a little tatty and tired looking, then refurbishment is an option such as sanding down, staining and re-sealing.


Cabinets and drawers can dominate a kitchen area and would be expensive to replace completely. It’s possible to give them a new lease of life by perhaps repainting or refinishing in a different colour and fitting new handles to go with the new colour scheme.

If replacement is preferred, then changing just the doors rather than the entire cabinet is possible. Wood is the most expensive option, but it’s common to use it just for the drawer or cabinet frontages.


This can make a big difference to your kitchen and there are various options. Instead of one or two harsh overhead lights, maybe more discreet recessed lamps and downlighters could be used so as to offer flexibility from when you need maximum light when cooking to less when simply eating and relaxing in the area.


Kitchens can soon become cluttered with various items soon commandeering counter top space. If your cupboards are full, then a few shelves could make a big difference to help create more space and give your kitchen an airier feel.


Deciding on what colour to repaint the kitchen and putting up one or two carefully chosen pictures or photos can enhance the space for a modest outlay.

Perhaps a feature clock, whether something more modern or ‘old world’ depending on the style of kitchen you have, is a worthwhile touch.

Cost effectiveness

It’s easily possible to upgrade your kitchen without the major expense of starting from scratch. Simple decorative changes can help, and more far reaching changes such as replacing the counter tops can be very cost effective in making a significant aesthetic difference and one that will look good for many years to come.