Why 2020 Is The Year To Invest In ISO 14001 Certification

Reduce Waste and Cut Costs By Becoming Eco-Friendlier

Is the environment top of your business priority list in 2020? Here’s why committing to ISO 14001 is a must for your organisation this year.

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on global businesses, although there are signs of life in UK SMEs. The latest data analysis delivered by small business platform Xero reveals that sales have increased by a collective 11% throughout June, demonstrating a slight recovery for the economy. Looking at May for a comparison, revenue was down 29% before lockdown restrictions were eased. Although there has been a marked improvement in the strength of SMEs since, job losses unfortunately continue, and revenues are still around 18% lower than they were during the same period of 2019.

If your business needs a helping hand in 2020, then it’s time to look at investing in ISO 14001 certification to explore the many advantages it could offer to your organisation.

Introducing ISO 14001 Certification

Businesses who can prove that they’re committed to achieving key environmental targets can apply for this global accreditation standard. The certification has been designed for businesses from a wide range of industries to be involved in. Those companies who are dedicated to becoming more eco-conscious should take sufficient steps to eliminate waste, and reduce their impact on the environment. By meeting the strict guidelines of ISO 14001, they will enjoy multiple benefits for their own operations.

Minimise Your Costs

In a year where businesses will want to save as much money as possible, ISO 14001 is the perfect strategy to help you identify areas of your business where you’re wasting money. By becoming more efficient and eco-friendlier, ISO consultants note that you can spend less money on your utilities or packaging, thereby reducing your waste streams significantly. Any change to your costs or use of resources will benefit your bottom line, which will be a key aim in 2020.

Positive Marketing

Now is the time to let your company stand out from your rivals, which is easy to achieve when you can market your ISO 14001 accreditation. By making a positive statement about your commitment to sustainable business practices, you’ll become more attractive to B2B partners and potential customers. The 17% drop in global carbon emissions this year is a decrease which we haven’t seen since World War II. Many Brits feel strongly that we should use the pandemic to adopt widespread changes in environmental behaviour and that now is the time to adapt. Don’t be left behind by other companies who are strongly invested in the idea of a green revolution.

Achieve Compliance

Whatever sector your business operates in, you’ll need to adhere to strict industry regulations to remain compliant. Part of your policies will undoubtedly be related to environmental legislation. By taking the time to adjust to ISO 14001 and create internal procedures to reduce your corporate waste, you can be certain that your company has met all of your compliance obligations.

Are you ready to achieve ISO 14001 certification? 2020 has given all companies the opportunity for a rethink and a reset. Take the time to overhaul your internal operations so that your business can benefit in the long-term.