How to Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

It’s Never Too Late To Reach Your Full Potential

How to make the most out of your past regrets and turn them into positive goals to work towards for a future vision of you.

Life is full of regrets – whether it be your choice of career, lost loves, or not travelling the world, most people look back on a time or aspect of their lives and wish that they’d chosen a different path. But the great thing about negative experiences, is they give you a chance to grow. Once you know what you don’t want from life, it becomes easier to create a vision of a future you to work towards. Why not work on reinventing yourself to a version of you that you’re at ease with?

Taking Up A New Hobby

Many of us are completely caught up in our work and home lives, that we have little time for leisurely pursuits. But hobbies are so important, both in terms of helping us to ward off the stresses of modern-day life, as well as opening up new opportunities to socialise with like-minded people. Indeed, Return to Wellness explains that indulging in an activity you feel passionately about, is an essential part of your recovery from a long-term illness or injury.

Changing Careers

9 out of 10 Brits regret rushing their choice of career according to research published by the Independent; if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of feeling miserable at work, then it’s not to late to get out of the rat race. You may need a couple of years to plan and set new career goals before you execute a mid-life career pivot. However, you can use this time to take steps such as extra training, saving money to fund a new entrepreneurial project, or just to gain a solid understanding of the industry you’d like to switch to.

Physical Appearance

A recent YouGov survey found that around a third of Brits are unhappy with their bodies. If you’re not happy with the person you see before you in the mirror, then it’s time for a change. If it’s weight you need to lose, then make a long-term plan to shed the pounds and keep them off, using realistic goals. If you have any facial features that you’re uncomfortable with, you might look into some minor cosmetic treatments from Botox to teeth whitening to make the most of your looks.

In terms of style, it can be easy to find yourself in a bit of a ‘rut’, particularly as you approach middle age. If this rings a bell, then it may be time to freshen up your wardrobe or try out a new hair style – better yet, with the help of natural hair wigs, you could experiment with a number of trends before committing to one –  you’ll never have a bad hair day again!

Improve Your Relationships

It’s never too late to work on your relationships – both in terms of a romantic partnership as well as family, friends and even work colleagues. Part of your reinvention can be to identify any negative patterns of behaviour or communication that you follow, and instead learn a different way to act which will improve your relationships at all levels. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of talking therapy which helps you manage the way you think and behave towards others. If you’re recently divorced, then it can be really hard not to be bitter about the end of your marriage but using CBT can help you communicate effectively with your ex-spouse as well as teaching you positive new thought processes for any future relationships.

The most important thing to remember about reinventing yourself is that the best time to change is now. Start by identifying the areas of your life that you’d like to work on and then get set making small actionable goals to help you reach your full potential.