How to Set Up the Ultimate School Prom Party This Summer

How to Set Up the Ultimate School Prom Party This Summer

It is becoming more and more popular for primary schools to host proms for their leavers, rather than discos. For a lot of children, this will be the last time they get to see each other together so it’s worth making the evening extra special for them to remember.



The first stage is to gather volunteers and make sure there are enough people to help organise the event and ensure it runs smoothly on the night – if you haven’t got enough people, ask around for more! One way to do this is to hand out leaflets and posters around the school asking for parents or pupils to get involved.

Start planning the event around 6 months in advance; this gives you enough time to sort everything even if you are pushed for time.

Choose a venue

Once the volunteers are agreed, it’s time to think about the venue. With it being at a primary school, the ideal venue would be the school’s main hall, a sports hall or a similar-sized room. It’s an ideal venue for cost purposes and the pupils would be able to get to the venue easily.

Book the entertainment

With the venue confirmed, you can move on to the most exciting part of planning the prom – the entertainment! Childrens entertainers london can provide amazing party packages for school proms, from photo booths to magic selfie mirrors, LED letters to DJ sets, providing children with hours of entertainment to create memories to last a life time.


You need to decide how much you will charge for tickets – it’s best to decide on a price once you have arranged the costliest tasks, such as entertainment and food and drink. Work out how many children are expected to attend and make sure you cover all costs, plus a profit on top if you are hoping to the donate the proceeds towards a project in the school or to a charity.

Food and drink

With a school prom, you have the choice of opting for a free buffet and drinks which can be included in the price of the ticket, or you can sell food and drink at the venue.

As it’s a primary school prom, food will be popular, so go for mini pizzas and sliders and food that’s easy to pick at and eat. Stock up on lots of fizzy drinks and juice too, to keep children hydrated from all that dancing!


After all the hard work that’s gone into planning the prom, it’s important to advertise the event well! For in-house advertising, you will simply need to pin up posters around the school and hold out leaflets. You can design your posters and leaflets in school – the volunteers or pupils can help to create these.


We hope these tips will help you plan and set up the ultimate school prom party this summer!