Living and Working in Highbury

Highbury street

A Guide to North London’s Hidden Gem

Tucked between the more famous neighbourhoods of Islington and Holloway, Highbury has the best of all worlds.

You have probably heard of the phrase “Highbury and Islington.” It is almost said as one word, and when asked, even those who are highly familiar with North London will be able to tell you where Highbury and Islington Station is, and will be regale you with the delights of Islington, but when asked about Highbury itself, will draw a blank.

For those who live and work in Highbury, that is exactly the way they like it. But Highbury letting agents are seeing signs that the genie is rapidly escaping the bottle, and a growing number of people are cottoning on to the fact that Highbury is one of the best spots to live in North London for those who want the best of all worlds.

Where to live

To find a property in Highbury, you first need to uncover the mystery of exactly where it is. The thing about North London is that it is comprised of many tiny districts, all with their own unique character and features. Highbury is that area in N5 that is nestled just north of Islington and south of Finsbury Park. Search on Liverpool Road and work your way out, but not too far!

Property is typically of the Victorian and Edwardian type, but there really is a bit of everything, from grandiose town houses to newly built social housing.

Leisure and nightlife

With Emirates Stadium a ten minute walk to the north and the shops and restaurants of Islington’s Upper Street and Camden Passage fifteen minutes to the south, there is no shortage of places to go. But even closer to home, Highbury also has some worthwhile spots of its own.

The Duchess of Kent on Liverpool Road is a gastropub that serves great food, but has not forgotten its roots, and is equally popular with those who want to sink a pint and watch the sport on TV, too.

Also, be sure to visit The Highbury Arts Club. By day, a coffee house and by night, a Tapas bar that features an eclectic mix of live music and art events.

Highbury Fields is the largest park in the Islington area. It features plenty to keep the kids entertained, as well as a nature reserve and a wide choice of sports facilities, including 11 tennis courts.


There is no shortage of schools in the Highbury area, and this is definitely a place where kids can still do their daily commute on foot. No need for those Chelsea Tractors here! Primary schools include Laycock School on Upper Street and Drayton Park on Arvon Road.

For the older kids, the City of London Academy is on Highbury Grove, and St Mary Magdalene Academy is on Liverpool Road.


For those working in the “silicon roundabout” area of Old Street, Highbury is a perfect place to be based, and many choose to do the 2.5 mile commute by bicycle. For city workers, trains leave Highbury and Islington every few minutes, and you can be at Moorgate inside ten minutes.