Software Development Productivity Soars Throughout The Pandemic

Companies Refocus Their IT Priorities During Covid

Software developers have thrived during the pandemic as companies have invested in cloud adoption, DevOps and collaborative tools.

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly created challenges across most global industries. Yet the software development sector is absolutely thriving. An Accelerated Strategies Group survey for Cloudbees interviewed 347 IT managers, and revealed that 59% of them believed that their software departments had been even more productive since the pandemic took hold. 43% also felt that it had become easier to complete their workloads on time. With global disruption and a lack of cashflow, how is it possible that software development productivity has been able to soar throughout the Covid era?

No Need For Physical Office

Companies across the world have been forced to switch to a largescale remote working model, perhaps for the first time. Yet this is nothing new for seasoned software development pros. There’s absolutely no need for coders to sit alongside each other in office cubicles, which is why some of the greatest tech innovations and apps have been created by remote software developers located across the globe.

In fact, the open source community is well-known for being entirely virtual, and have spent the last thirty years or more developing anything from operating systems to ERP solutions. It doesn’t matter whether these software professionals are based in Bermuda or Birmingham, they’re highly productive and at ease in a virtual role.

Increased Investment

Whilst the pandemic has created numerous financial challenges for companies, there are also positives to take from a refocus of priorities. This is especially true with regards to tech investment. Companies that have previously put off their IT projects, to the detriment of their software developers, have been motivated to change direction. In particular, companies have invested in collaborative software which has made it increasingly simple for software developers to interact with team members, even where there were existing boundaries. This change has caused 61% of IT managers to find it better to work across time zones than pre-pandemic, as well as 40% believing such investment has enabled team members to collaborate better from different continents.

Cloud Adoption

Companies have been famously resistant to change, and cloud adoption hasn’t always been top of the wish list for organisations, even though it promises business continuity, scalability and cost-savings. However, Covid-19 has forced companies to rethink this type of move and everyone from GP surgeries to corporate banks has been suddenly interested in cloud migration. For software developers, this has been enormously helpful, allowing quick and easy access to files and projects wherever they’re based, along with the promise of fast download times and enhanced security – all of which have allowed productivity levels to soar.

DevOps Focus

Streamlining software production is made easier with DevOps – which has also been fast-tracked as a priority for many companies during the pandemic. DevOps offers the opportunity for software developers to work concurrently with security experts, compliance teams, quality assurance testers and coders to ensure a fast rollout of exceptional software.

Amongst the many difficulties presented by the pandemic, working with quality software developers shouldn’t be one of them. If you’re on the lookout for experts for your next project, then be assured that the remote software developer will perform an excellent job for you.