The Process of Importing Your Pet to New Zealand

The Process of Importing Your Pet to New Zealand

The temperate climate, lush green scenery and lower cost of living make New Zealand an attractive option for young people and families who are looking to find a new home down under. Uprooting your family can be a complicated process however, more so if you are taking your furry friends abroad with you.


Consider using a professional pet mover

First and foremost, if this is something you haven’t done before, it’s strongly recommended that you use a professional pet export to New Zealand service to make the experience of changing countries less stressful for both you and your pet. These companies will take care of all the paperwork and will be happy to walk you through all the steps required to get your pet into New Zealand.

If you aren’t using a professional service, these are the kind of steps you will need to cover:

What animals can you bring into New Zealand?

The most popular pets to be imported into New Zealand are cats and dogs. There are specific requirements for each country that need to be met when transporting pets. The only other animals that can be imported from the UK are chinchillas. Make sure to check the list of breeds of dog that are banned from import before trying to apply, including the American pit bull terrier.

Health requirements

Many countries around the world have specific health requirements that must be met. Cats and dogs must be microchipped and fully vaccinated for rabies before bringing them into the country. Other treatments may also include heartworm, leptospirosis and internal and external parasite treatments. Declare any pet’s medication on a medical form beforehand and a copy of a vet’s prescription.

Get a veterinary certificate

To keep track of and to certify your pet’s travel into New Zealand, there are several pieces of paperwork that need to be filed before they can enter the country. The certificates will need to outline the treatment your pet needs.

Book a quarantine facility

All pets imported into New Zealand have to undergo a quarantine period at an MPI-approved facility. You may feel worried about leaving them after travelling but it’s the final stage to complete the import process.