Why Intruders Feel the Need to Trespass

Our homes and businesses are hugely important to us all, and security is something we all spend time and money investing in. In a bid to either deter trespassers and intruders or catch them in the act, installing a security system (alarm or CCTV) can help you feel at ease and have some confidence that your property is secured and well-guarded. Security systems today take full advantage of cutting-edge technology, with crystal clear images, sound and remote viewing possibilities you are now able to keep an eye on your premises wherever you are.

Many security specialists will carry out a bespoke consultation of your property to assess the best package for needs. You may simply require CCTV and an intruder alarm, but this can be extended to include fire systems, access controls, takeover services and also maintenance packages. By choosing a trusted professional all your security needs will be met and with crime rates rising throughout the country this should be a consideration for everyone. If you are based in the South West of England, Essex security can offer advice and consultations to ensure your property is protected from the increases in theft, burglary and robbery.

Advanced CCTV systems are now particularly useful for monitoring, storing and playing back recorded material simply via an internet connection. With most crime, especially trespassing occurring out of business hours, or when there is no one at home, being able to tap into your recording or live feeds at your leisure, is invaluable. Signs to deter trespassers usually go unheeded as trespassers know that what they are doing is not a criminal offence. Trespassing only becomes a criminal offence if property is stolen or damaged in the act. However, trespassing can be used by criminals as a way of checking out premises or properties to see if there are any easy entry points, what security measures are in place and if there are valuable items worth taking. Criminals may trespass first with a view to returning at a later date.

Trespassing can also be a result, not of any intentional crime, but of anti-social behaviour. Anti-Social behaviour is defined as, ‘behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of the same household’. This is often seen when individuals, groups or gangs blatantly flaunt their desire to annoy and upset residents by continually entering garden space, sitting on walls or using private land as a short cut. This can be upsetting for land and property owners, especially for vulnerable people who individuals who live alone. Having a CCTV system installed to monitor and record these events can act as a deterrent to reduce the number of incidents, and also act as potential evidence. If things get out of hand and criminal damage is carried out or threatening behaviour is used, recordings can be used by police. It is however important to remember that as a land or property owner you do not have the right to physically or forcibly remove anyone from your property, you can simply ask them to leave. CCTV recordings can help confirm any sequence of events and actions taken by land and property owners should you need to report incidents to the police.