Protecting 5G Masts From Conspiracy Theorist Attacks

Placing Network Sites Under Security Surveillance

CCTV surveillance can save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn how protecting network sites from vandalism needs to be a top security priority.

At a time when the general public is looking for answers to the Covid-19 pandemic, 5G masts have wrongly been blamed for starting the virus. As a growing body of conspiracy theorists take action against 5G network masts, the level of vandalism and crime is now posing a ‘risk to human life’ according to network operator EE.

5G Masts Operating Within Normal Levels

5G launched in the UK last year, as a ground-breaking version of radio spectrum which promises greater speed, lower latency and the capacity for large volumes of remote usage and interconnected devices. Unfortunately, since its launch, 5G has been surrounded with doubt and false news about the negative impact of electromagnetism used and the supposed dangers to our health. Ofcom reports that it has recently tested 22 5G sites across 10 cities and in all cases, the amount of electromagnetic field emissions recorded were just a fraction of the legal limits set out by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Continuous Attacks  

Fake news has been spreading across the internet in recent months to explain the origins of Covid-19 and unfortunately 5G has been incorrectly linked with the pandemic. As a result, activists have carried out dangerous attacks on at least 53 5G masts across the nation, including 23 EE masts and most concerningly a mast that was serving Birmingham’s Nightingale hospital. Such action has had an incredibly negative impact on the operations of this life-saving facility. It could potentially prevent ambulance communications or stop families from being able to talk to their loved ones who are ill within the hospital.

Attacking 5G masts is a threat to human life as any type of arson attack is. However, personal attacks are also being made on engineers who are fixing the damage at these network sites.

Preventing Ongoing Criminal Damage

Locking down the 5G masts and preventing any further attacks needs to be a top priority moving forward. This can be done by introducing surveillance at all network sites across the country. A CCTV installation London team explains that this type of security acts as a deterrent to any would-be intruders who are planning an attack. The threat of their actions being monitored and recorded can be enough to dissuade them from carrying out their crime, particularly if you also include signage and a siren system as a further step.

However, in the event that criminals are set on attacking a 5G mast, the surveillance feed from network sites can be monitored in real time 24/7. Every inch of the site can be covered so long as you have enough cameras and mobile surveillance towers providing footage of the entire area. This provides peace of mind that the site will never go unwatched and in the event that an intrusion does occur, you can dispatch the local authorities to the site rapidly to thwart an attack and apprehend those responsible.

Locking down 5G network masts is essential to allow key workers to continue doing their jobs throughout this global pandemic. Take action today to secure your sites!