Why Live in Care is Better Than a Care Home

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When someone needs more focused care but isn’t ready to enter a home or sheltered accommodation, a live in carer could help.

Finding the right care can be a challenge. If you or a loved one are still able to live in your own home but need more round the clock attention than visiting carers can provider, live in care could be the right option. Here’s why it’s better than residential care, and where you can find the best live in care Essex has to offer.

Stay in familiar surroundings

If you enjoy live in care in the comfort of your own home, you will be able to stay in the surroundings that you feel most comfortable in. Having to move into a residential care home isn’t just a logistical challenge, but it can have an adverse effect on someone’s mental well-being too. For many people, their home is where they have lived with their partner and raised their children, and celebrated many happy occasions. Why leave those memories behind?

Retain independence

Many people take a great deal of pride in their home, and staying there allows them to retain their identify and independence. They can still potter around in the garden, keep the pet that they would have to give up if they lived in a care home, and go about their day in whatever way they decide to. If someone moves to a care home, those small freedoms and pleasures can often be taken away from them. A live in carer allows them to continue to be independent.

One on one care

Having a live in carer means that someone gets to enjoy all of the benefits of one on one, dedicated care. It’s no secret that staff in care homes are under a lot of strain, and despite their best intentions they may not be able to give individuals all the attention that they need. A live in carer just has one person to focus on, so they will be able to deliver care that is tailored to that person’s unique needs, 24/7.

Enjoy an active social life

One of the biggest benefits of live in care over a care home is that an individual can still enjoy an active social life. Friends and family can come to visit whenever they like, and can stay for as long as they want to. In a home, that isn’t always possible. While they are still living at home, a person can throw parties, invite friends over for a cuppa, or get the family together for a meal once a week. It’s impossible to overestimate just how beneficial that is.

The best live in care in Essex

It’s clear that live-in care at home has a number of benefits – but a person will only thrive if that care is of a high standard. Fambridge Care are one of the leading care providers in Essex, and offer a wide range of care services. You or your loved one will be able to carry on doing the things that you love in the comfort of your own home and enjoy your independence, with the peace of mind that help is there 24/7 if needed.

Want to find out more about the live in care options available to you? Then contact Fambridge Care for more information today.